Setting WordPress and site URLs for Yapixx multisite

If you’ve got to this page, chances are that you’re trying to configure a multisite Yapixx instance. We tried hard to make Yapixx ready-to-run at any address (and it works well for single-site), but WordPress multisite configuration requires the URLs in the database to match your website real address. You can update the database using the Webmin console.

In Webmin, go to Servers –> MySQL Database Server, click on wordpress_clouse database icon, click on the wp_options table icon, click on the “View Data” button.

There you’ll see option with option_id=3 and option_name=siteurl, select it and then click “Edit selected rows”, then enter the URL of your site into the “option_value” edit box (instead of Then hit “Save”.

Then go to the next page of results, locate option with option_id=39 and option_name=home, enter the correct URL there as well.

After you’ve updated the database, go back to your web server and you should be able to log in. Don’t forget to network-activate WP2Cloud once you finish mutlisite setup.


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