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WordPress on S3: how it works

OblakSoft is pleased to showcase how simple it is to run LAMP applications on the cloud storage.  OblakSoft configured the WordPress web publishing platform to run on Amazon S3 storage and made the recipe available for anyone to replicate.  A ready-to-run WordPress site (configured as Yapixx) – is available for public use for FREE.  Yapixx is WordPress configured as a picture sharing website that runs on top of Amazon S3 (Yapixx stands for Yet Another Picture Sharing Site).



Yapixx consists of the following software components:

  •          WordPress configured as a picture sharing site
  •          Yapixx theme based on zBench with modifications to look better for picture sharing
  •          wp2cloud plugin that stores pictures and other media in Amazon S3 via ClouSE
  •          LAMP software stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  •          ClouSE – the Cloud Storage Engine for MySQL

The Yapixx architecture looks like the following:

The WordPress platform provides the web user interface.  WordPress stores the web site content in a MySQL database.  MySQL uses ClouSE to store data in Amazon S3.  The end users use a web browser to interact with WordPress; web pages come from WordPress.  All the pictures (and other media) in the pages are served by Amazon S3, where they are stored as weblobs by WP2Cloud WordPress plugin.

WordPress is a mature and versatile platform that powers millions of websites with diverse purposes from blogging to social networking.  There are thousands of plugins and themes written for WordPress that can transform the website into pretty much anything.  And now with ClouSE WordPress can run on Amazon S3.

ClouSE is the key component of Yapixx application.  ClouSE is the Cloud Storage Engine for MySQL that can utilize cloud storage such as Amazon S3 to store user data.  Applications powered by ClouSE enjoy all the benefits of cloud storage – scaling cost with usage, high storage availability and reliability, quick and easy disaster recovery, etc.  And weblobs that store pictures for Yapixx can be served directly from cloud storage relying on its enormous power to make serving the content highly scalable.

ClouSE is the first and only relational database technology that overcomes cloud storage adoption barriers that prevents other databases from using cloud storage.  With ClouSE, cloud storage can be just plugged into a database server seamlessly and securely.


ClouSE and Amazon S3 provide seamless and secure data protection, scalability and availability for websites, static or dynamic.  A website on cloud storage has the following characteristics:

  •          Storage cost scales with usage, no upfront reservation is needed
  •          Storage consumption scales up and down with the amount of data stored
  •          Storage is extremely reliable and durable by Amazon S3 design
  •          Data is compressed, which significantly reduces storage size and cost
  •          Data is encrypted, which provides data confidentiality
  •          Pictures are served by Amazon S3 directly, which makes the website highly scalable
  •          No database backup and recovery is needed, which makes the website highly available

ClouSE brings the power of Amazon S3 to websites, providing an easy and inexpensive built-in solution for scenarios that previously required expensive infrastructure and operation.  Overprovisioning primary storage, implementing onsite + offsite backup and replication are not needed any more.  There is no need to implement and routinely test disaster recovery procedures.  No need to buy more expensive software editions.  The end-to-end data continuity is in the box: no extra tools, processes or equipment is required.  That’s the true realization of the cloud promise – commoditization and democratization of solutions that previously could only be afforded by large IT organizations with sizeable budgets.

The most amazing thing about Yapixx is that WordPress platform was not initially designed to store its data in cloud storage.  Yet, now it runs on Amazon S3 without any changes to the WordPress core engine!  We like to say that Yapixx was assembled and configured for the cloud, rather than designed and implemented for the cloud.

Launch your own WordPress site to the cloud today!  It’s easy and FREE, no writing code is required.  Start at

We’d love to know what you think of Yapixx.  Are you considering to move your website to the cloud storage?

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