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WordPress on S3: how it works

OblakSoft is pleased to showcase how simple it is to run LAMP applications on the cloud storage.  OblakSoft configured the WordPress web publishing platform to run on Amazon S3 storage and made the recipe available for anyone to replicate.  A ready-to-run WordPress site (configured as Yapixx) – is available for public use for FREE.  Yapixx is WordPress configured as a picture sharing website that runs on top of Amazon S3 (Yapixx stands for Yet Another Picture Sharing Site).


Now there is another way to run a blog using S3 as the primary storage

My response to http://www.allthingsdistributed.com/2011/08/Jekyll-amazon-s3.html

Now there is another way to run a blog using S3 as the primary storage: WordPress (or any other platform that uses LAMP) powered by the new cloud storage engine ClouSE.  The server is required, but in return one can go way beyond static content (e.g. handle the comments too), and way beyond blogging – ClouSE allows S3 to be used as the primary storage for MySQL and most MySQL-based applications.  For mostly static content / pictures ClouSE can expose direct S3 URLs so this content can be served directly from S3 bypassing the server relying on the enormous power of S3 to make serving the content highly scalable.  To implement ACID transactions, ClouSE employs strict consistency enforcement algorithms and protocols and makes S3 useable directly from MySQL.

Should make S3 useable from a whole lot of applications, IMHO, but as the author I’m of course biased ;-)

www.oblaksoft.com has all info about ClouSE.


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