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MySQL BLOB meets Amazon S3: Weblobs explained

Cloud-powered BLOB type provides ACID guarantees and fast direct access to blobs via Web URLs.

Storing unstructured data

Typically unstructured data (such as pictures, media files, documents)

a) Is either stored on the file system, unlike the related with it relational data which is stored in the database. This is well known, “convenient” practice that allows fast access to files but offers no transactional story and no unified data management (for db and filesystem)

b) Or is stored in BLOBs. This ensures transactional consistency and reduces management complexities, but is really bad for performance and scalability.

We took advantage of the cloud, and came up with an upgrade to the BLOB – a solution that combines the benefits of the two.

@Database Innovation, pleeease!

My response to Database Innovation, pleeease!

Sure :-) We’ve just recently released a Beta of ClouSE — the Cloud Storage Engine for MySQL that provides fully functional relational data management on top of Amazon S3.

Even though we still use the good ol’ B-trees (sorry), dealing with remote eventually consistent elastic storage provided plenty of innovation opportunities. We had to rework the ARIES algorithms that don’t really account for pages being physically deleted (traditionally they just go to a free list so the storage never shrinks); neither do they account for eventual consistency – to implement ACID the whole storage engine stack from buffer manager, to log manager, to transaction manager, to access methods had to go beyond gradpa’s algorithms and protocols.


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