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WordPress on S3: now with CDN

OblakSoft is pleased to announce the release of the 1.1.x version of the WP2Cloud WordPress plugin.  This release allows using a Content Distribution Network (CDN), such as Amazon CloudFront, to make content delivery even faster.

The WP2Cloud WordPress plugin now has an option to specify a Content Distribution URL.  When the URL is specified, WP2Cloud redirects cloud storage URLs to point to the CDN.  The CDN then serves the media files from locations around the world to provide the best performance.

The CDN must be configured correspondingly, so that it uses the cloud storage as the origin.  The step-by-step instructions to configure Amazon CloudFront for WordPress on S3 / Yapixx are available here:

WordPress on S3 / Yapixx AMI with CDN support is available for FREE at http://www.oblaksoft.com/downloads/.

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