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OblakSoft Cloud Storage Engine Newsletter, June 2012

ClouSE version 1.0b.1.2 and WordPress on S3 / Yapixx refresh is released

OblakSoft is pleased to announce the release of ClouSE version 1.0b.1.2 and WordPress on S3 / Yapixx refresh.

This release addresses performances and usability issues reported by our early adopters.  Thank you all for your feedback.

  • Support for MySQL 5.5.25

Now ClouSE supports MySQL thru 5.5.25.  To keep the distribution small, we don’t build binaries for MySQL prior to 5.5.14 anymore.  If you need one, please contact us.

  • Weblob content type improvement

Now the content type for Weblobs is set based on their name.  Previously, the content type for all Weblobs was set to application/octet-stream, which could lead to undesirable Web Browser behavior when the Weblob was downloaded from Amazon S3 directly.  For example, an image file could be downloaded to disk instead of showing in the browser.

  • “WordPress on S3” changes

By popular demand, the WordPress on S3 / Yapixx website is now moved to the server’s root from the /app subdirectory.  That is, Yapixx would run at instead of

The WordPress on S3 / Yapixx AMI had configuration problems that broke “pretty” permalink functionality in WordPress.  The configuration problems are now fixed.

The WordPress on S3 / Yapixx AMI now runs WordPress 3.4.1.  WordPress 3.4.1 is tested with WP2Cloud and ClouSE.


The detailed list of changes in ClouSE 1.0b.1.2 is available here.

For downloading ClouSE 1.0b.1.2 and WordPress on S3 / Yapixx instructions please go to

What you’d like to be improved in “WordPress on S3”? Please keep sending your feedback and questions our way.



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