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MySQL on Cloud Storage: ClouSE upgrade made easy

Updating ClouSE can now be done with one command

With more than a thousand registered users worldwide, guiding customers through the upgrade process is getting hard, so we decided to automate the servicing steps.  Now the update-clouse script can be used to update ClouSE binaries to the current version.  This script ships with the ClouSE binary distribution.

Here is an example of updating ClouSE using the Webmin console.

First, download ClouSE 64-bit binaries from  Then upload and extract the binaries to the /home/ec2-user directory. In Webmin, navigate to Others, then to Upload and Download, then switch to the Upload to server tab, choose the file, type in the directory to upload to, set Extract archive or compressed files to “Yes, then delete” and click Upload:

Once the files are uploaded and extracted, you can run update-clouse script.  For the ClouSE version 1.0b.1.8 the update-clouse command is going to look like this:


In Webmin, navigate to Others, then to Command Shell, paste the command and execute it:

That’s it!

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