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OblakSoft Cloud Storage Engine Newsletter, December 2012

ClouSE version 1.0b.1.6 is released

OblakSoft is pleased to announce the release of ClouSE version 1.0b.1.6.  In this release we fixed some of the known ClouSE Beta limitations as well as performance and functional bugs reported by our users.

Here is the summary of changes that are included into 1.0b.1.6:

  • Support for latest MySQL 5.5

Now ClouSE supports MySQL thru 5.5.29.  To keep the distribution small, we don’t build binaries for MySQL prior to 5.5.19 anymore.  If you need one, please contact us.

  • DECIMAL keys support

Now ClouSE supports using DECIMAL fields in keys.  Previously neither the primary key nor indices could include DECIMAL fields.  This fixes the following Beta limitation: DECIMAL fields cannot be used in keys.

  • Tables without primary key

Now ClouSE supports tables without primary key.  Previously each table had to have a primary key.  This fixes the following Beta limitation: The table must have a primary key.

  • BLOB fields support

Now ClouSE supports BLOB fields that can store more than 128 KB of data.  Previously BLOB fields were stored in the record and were limited by the maximum record side; an attempt to store a value that is larger than 128 KB would lead to an error.  This fixes the following Beta limitation: BLOB fields are stored in the record thus are limited by the max record size (128 KB).

The software can be downloaded at for FREE.

The release notes are available here.

If there is anything that might be blocking your deployments of ClouSE, please let us know.


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