ClouSE makes raw Amazon S3 storage immediately accessible to applications that use MySQL.  But MySQL is not just a database – over the years it has become a core software component in many software stacks and platforms.

LAMP is an acronym that stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP / Python / Perl – a stack of software components that comprise a very popular open source platform for building general purpose web servers.

Most of those web servers can now run on top of Amazon S3, thanks to ClouSE.  Thus it’s fair to say that ClouSE transforms the good ol’ LAMP into the modern cloud-based version of it – LAMPS3.

Here is a visual representation of this transformation :-) :









Picture 1: ClouSE is transforming LAMP into LAMPS3.

ClouSE makes raw Amazon S3 storage immediately accessible and consumable through familiar SQL APIs and numerous tools in the SQL ecosphere by millions of programmers writing software that deal with structured data in some shape and form.  This includes core database application development as well as work on applications that while primarily focusing on non-structured information, need to supplement it with some more structured metadata in a unified transactional way.

ClouSE is an innovative database engine that is built from ground up to make cloud storage at least an equal and   in many aspects a more superior choice for high performance transactional workloads, which can run either on premise or in the cloud.

ClouSE is implicitly a part of LAMPS3 stack, as a storage engine for MySQL.  It brings Amazon S3 storage to transactional workloads via standard SQL interface and provides ACID guarantees. It is important to note that ClouSE offers transactional guarantees to store even non-structured data such as images, videos, etc. through weblobs.  Weblob rivals in scalability some NoSQL solutions since weblobs are accessible both as a blob through SQL and via a URL directly from Amazon S3 which is an ideal solution for scaling out content delivery.  In our opinion weblob is a Holy Grail of scalability – the balance between simplicity [of programming model and guarantees] and scale [access scale-out].

Now SQL + weblob become the simplest interface to cloud storage.  ClouSE democratizes scalable transactional access to data in the cloud via a really easy and familiar interface, SQL, which is familiar to most developers and immediately usable in many applications and platforms.