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  • What is ClouSE?
  • What storage providers can my data be stored in with ClouSE?
  • Is my data stored securely in the cloud?
  • What is unique about ClouSE?
  • Is cloud storage reliable enough to be the primary data storage?
  • Is cloud storage a viable choice for relational data?
  • Will I save money with ClouSE?
  • Can ClouSE be used with my private cloud?
  • What is WebStor?

Getting started with ClouSE

  • Where do I get ClouSE?
  • Do I need to change my MySQL application to store data in the cloud with ClouSE?
  • How do I migrate my data to the cloud?
  • Do I have to migrate all my databases to cloud at once?
  • Is it possible to migrate data out of ClouSE?
  • What is the easiest way to try out ClouSE?

ClouSE technology

  • What consistency model should I expect from data managed by ClouSE?
  • Can I make sure that the data is accessed only by me?
  • How much data can I manage with ClouSE?
  • Do I need to specify an initial storage size for ClouSE to use?
  • Would storage consumption decrease if less data is stored?
  • Does ClouSE optimize data and bandwidth consumption?
  • Do you offer high-availability for the data storage?
  • Where can my database management run?
  • What happens if the database management machine is lost?
  • What happens when I need to migrate database management to a new server?
  • Do you support SSL connections to the cloud storage?
  • What library ClouSE uses to access cloud storage?


  • What is a weblob?
  • Why should I use weblobs instead of local files for content delivery?
  • Can I use weblobs to store large content?
  • What is the programming model for weblobs?

Websites on cloud storage

  • Is there a sample application and/or code available that demonstrates the power of ClouSE?
  • What is YAPIXX?
  • What is WP2Cloud?

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