ClouSE Roadmap

The following table describes ClouSE major milestones:

Milestone Date
Public Beta v1.0 January 2012
Release Candidate v1.0 January 2014
General Availability v1.0 July 2014

In the future releases ClouSE is going to be focused around three major directions:

  • Continue to take advantage of its cloud storage-based architecture: enable read-only access by multiple ClouSE engines to the same cloud storage location to allow elastic scale out of read-only workloads, implement instant low cost snapshot backups, enable highly available failover configuration at a low cost, etc. – with ClouSE, professional grade scalable, highly available data solutions will come standard.
  • Invest into advanced features that some transactional storage engines support: full text search, distributed transactions, automatic indexing and partitioning, etc.
  • Go beyond OLTP and SQL: expose non-SQL API to support other programming paradigms, etc.

The directions and priorities may shift as the new opportunities develop and demands change.  The ClouSE development team is committed to keeping a close feedback loop with the community and industry trends and will amend the strategy as needed to provide maximum value to our customers and partners.