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@Database Innovation, pleeease!

My response to Database Innovation, pleeease!

Sure :-) We’ve just recently released a Beta of ClouSE — the Cloud Storage Engine for MySQL that provides fully functional relational data management on top of Amazon S3.

Even though we still use the good ol’ B-trees (sorry), dealing with remote eventually consistent elastic storage provided plenty of innovation opportunities. We had to rework the ARIES algorithms that don’t really account for pages being physically deleted (traditionally they just go to a free list so the storage never shrinks); neither do they account for eventual consistency – to implement ACID the whole storage engine stack from buffer manager, to log manager, to transaction manager, to access methods had to go beyond gradpa’s algorithms and protocols.

We took advantage of the cloud-based architecture such that ClouSE can expose direct S3 URLs for BLOBs so their content can be served directly from S3 bypassing the server relying on the enormous power of S3 to make serving the content highly scalable. Such web-accessed content can be operated like a regular MySQL BLOB that is fully ACID-compliant. For multimedia-heavy applications, the scalability of the solution may grow significantly without adding complexity for the developer.

There are smaller things, for example polishing the recovery scenario to a point when you can flatten the server, install a new one, point it to the cloud storage and it gets up and running in a matter of minutes. Disaster recovery has been traditionally a messy scenario that requires tools and processes that are external to the database; the actual recovery takes a long time and needs to be tested regularly. We just built it in. No external tools or processes are required to protect your data. Quick recovery also boosts the availability without investing into additional infrastructure and/or using additional storage for replication. It just works out-of-box.

If I piqued your interest you’re welcome to download ClouSE v1.0 Beta for free from We’d be glad to answer any questions.


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