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OblakSoft Cloud Storage Engine Newsletter, March 2013

ClouSE 1.0b.1.7 is released

OblakSoft is pleased to announce the release of Cloud Storage Engine (ClouSE) for MySQL Beta version 1.0b.1.7.  In this release we added support for a variety of environments to address the platform diversity of our growing customer base.

Here is the summary of changes that are included into 1.0b.1.7:

  • Support for ClouSE on Microsoft Windows (limited preview)

Now ClouSE builds are available both for Linux and Microsoft Windows.  The cloud data format is the same across all platforms: Linux and Windows, 32-bit and 64-bit.  This allows for seamless transitions between machines, platforms and clouds.  ClouSE for Windows is currently available to a group of limited preview customers.  If you would like to sign up for the limited preview program please contact us.
Looking forward to your feedback, comments, questions, bug reports.

  • Support for MySQL 5.6 release series

Now ClouSE supports MySQL 5.6.10 – the first GA version in MySQL 5.6 series.

  • Support for latest MySQL 5.5

Now ClouSE supports MySQL 5.5 release series through 5.5.30.

  • Support for Percona Server 5.5.29-rel30.0

Now ClouSE support Percona Server 5.5.29-rel30.0.  Percona Server is supported only on Linux.  The handlerton library for Percona Server is

  • Support for partitioned tables

Now ClouSE supports partitioned tables.  Partition’s metadata is saved to cloud storage and transparently recovered on auto-discovery.

The software can be downloaded at for FREE.

For the full list of new features and bug fixes see the release notes.

Please let us know if you run into any issues trying WordPress (or directly MySQL) on cloud storage. We’ll make sure to address them as our top priority.


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