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ClouSE 1.0 is generally available

OblakSoft is pleased to announce general availability of the Cloud Storage Engine for MySQL (ClouSE) version 1.0.  Whether you want to use ready-to-run WordPress for Amazon Cloud / Google Cloud, configure your own WordPress installation with WP2Cloud plugin, or use ClouSE to deploy your own applications, ClouSE lets you tap the power of cloud storage to store your data extremely durably and make serving the content highly scalable.

We would like to thank more than 2,000 registered Beta users and early adopters who helped us to deliver a compelling feature set with outstanding quality.  After months of rigorous Beta testing and live production use (e.g. has been running on ClouSE for more than a year) we believe that the product is ready for commercial use.

To get to generally available version 1.0 from the Beta we’ve implemented a couple of major features: built-in point-in-time recovery and local data cache.

Point-in-time recovery

The database is protected from corruption and data loss by the cloud storage; however, cloud storage cannot protect from operational mistakes.  The user may accidentally drop the database or update all records in a table to a wrong value.  ClouSE will make sure that the result of the user’s operation is made durable in the cloud storage; it cannot know that it’s a mistake.

To protect from operational mistakes, ClouSE supports built-in point-in-time recovery.  It automatically retains history, such that it’s possible to restore data to any point in time within the retention period with a second granularity.  The default history retention period is 24 hours, but can be configured to a different value.  This provides a reliable, built-in, default way to protect the data all around.

With built-in point-in-time recovery, data protection is provided where it’s meant to be – by the database itself, not by a set of external tools, practices and idioms.  Many modern mobile and web applications don’t have a “backup” concept or even a “save” button – the data is always “saved”.  ClouSE is doing the same for the databases: painless data protection and continuity is provided by design, by default.

Local data caching

ClouSE uses local disk cache to drastically reduce the amount of data reads from the cloud storage.  The data in the cache persists across server restarts and machine reboots, it is crash-tolerant and self-healing.

In most configurations, all the relational data is going to fit in the local disk cache.  This means that in most configurations there will be no need to read data from the cloud.  If the amount of data exceeds the maximum cache size, ClouSE tries to keep the most frequently used pages in the cache.

For more information about latest changes please see the Release Notes.

Ready for business

ClouSE is the technology that works hard behind the scenes to power WordPress to Cloud solutions.  The ready-to-run WordPress to Cloud solution is an easy way to launch and operate WordPress-powered website in the cloud.  Whether you prefer the tried-and-true Amazon Cloud  or up-and-coming Google Cloud, you’d get the same webserver machine image, configured to run on the cloud storage, with Webmin / phpMyAdmin installed for easy server management.

ClouSE is the only relational database technology that overcomes cloud storage adoption barriers that prevented databases from using cloud storage. Designed and optimized for cloud storage from the ground up, ClouSE uses compression and caching techniques to smooth out cloud storage adoption bumps such as eventual data consistency, high-latency storage access, and higher storage access failure rate due to network failures.

ClouSE supports a variety of topologies and configurations. ClouSE can run on the company premises, in the private cloud or in the public cloud. You have the flexibility of choosing the topology and location for the database that best fits your unique requirements to enforce data confidentiality, optimize for latency between the application and the database, minimize cost, address regulatory requirements, etc.

ClouSE is the only cloud-based relational data management technology that can provide full data confidentiality.  Compliance, certification and privacy policies may provide acceptable security level for your data, but as we know now, sometimes you need a real technical solution to keep your data 100% confidential even in the cases when policies are overridden by authorities.  With ClouSE, you are in charge of encryption key management and can fully control who has access to their data, if anyone.

We hope ClouSE will help you to find your way to the cloud – your way.  Download ClouSE or launch WordPress to Cloud today at

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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