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Providing more choices help cloud computing to enter mainstream

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I think the standardization indicates that cloud computing is moving towards maturity. No matter what the reasons for standardization are, I think that the standardization will boost cloud computing adoption and innovation. Standardization makes cloud adoption decisions easier because it mitigates the fears of data lock-in by a single vendor. It also increases the number of IT professionals and engineers who can work with the technology, because learning transferable skills is more attractive that learning single-vendor technology. This will boost bottom-up cloud adoption because more IT professionals and engineers will know how to do it. And last but not least it will keep the leader in check and innovating: a strong leader will only benefit from getting followers. A complementary approach to standardization is creating interoperability between vendor-specific services and established standard technology. For example we at OblakSoft have created ClouSE technology that brings cloud storage services to millions of MySQL-based applications seamlessly and securely, In the end, I think providing more choices should help cloud computing to enter mainstream.


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