Meet the Founders
Artem Livshits – Founder, CEO, Chief Technology Architect

Artem possesses 15+ years of experience architecting, designing and implementing fast, scalable and robust mission critical server software. He led development of a variety of server products from inception to maturity, the most recent one being the source control system used internally by Microsoft to develop Microsoft Windows, Office, SQL, Bing, XBox and other Microsoft products that are among the largest codebases in the history of software development, being developed by tens of thousands of developers both locally and remotely. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2000 Artem worked on an airline ticket reservation system owning networking and kernel design. Artem is a sole inventor on half a dozen patents. His deep experience in storage, data access, networking, and systems design combined with sharp technical vision, strategy and stellar execution provides a foundation for OblakSoft engineering success.

Education: Master of Computer Science summa cum laude from Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (Technical University).