About Us

OblakSoft at a glance:

Founded: 2011
Head Office: Seattle, Washington.
Outside capital: contact us
Our Motto: "Your way to the cloud"
Our Mission is to make ClouSE the best MySQL storage engine for cloud developments.

At OblakSoft, we believe that:

The product is developed for you.

We’d be genuinely happy if you consider ClouSE cloud storage engine. We think we have developed a unique innovative product that will help you move to the cloud your way.

Please use our feedback form to let us know what we can help you with.

True innovation makes a vast difference.

ClouSE is not one of thousands of products that declared themselves cloud-ready simply because you can run them in a VM on a public IaaS or because they are available over the Internet. ClouSE has gone beyond adopting known traditional database management techniques carrying them noticeably forward by taking into account new cloud-specific opportunities, restrictions and capabilities.
To name a few: strict consistency enforcement on top of eventual consistency, enabling good old transactional semantic and SQL programming model with the cloud storage, taking full advantage of storage elasticity, overcoming the effects of large latencies, shielding the user from the disruptive nature of WAN communication, solving the problem of data confidentiality in the cloud by encrypting data before it leaves your premise, compressing data to save bandwidth and storage, and implementing other carefully thought-through methods to optimize remote storage access.

Product quality is our obsession.

OblakSoft strives for designed-in, built-in production quality in its products. Our joined expertise in building complex enterprise engine-side software taught us the principles and challenges of developing and running always-on mission-critical software for a very demanding customer. Research shows that customers are greatly appreciative of product reliability by placing it on the 1st place among desired product attributes and ClouSE is going to be production ready from day one.