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OblakSoft CEO – 1st blog: Happy Old New Year !

When I was a little boy, I thought the Old New Year (Jan 14) was the day when the New Year becomes “old”, becomes the current year, the thing of the present.  To the mind of a little systemic thinker it made perfect sense – if there was not a date when the New Year stopped being new, how would we be able to celebrate the New Year that comes after it?

Later I learned that the Old New Year was just Jan 1, but by the Julian calendar.  So in a sense the reason for this informal holiday is that little details of the relationship between the Earth and the Sun were ignored and it led to a growing gap between the tropical year and the calendar that tried to express it.

At OblakSoft we have other things to celebrate besides the Old New Year.  We started a new company and launched a public Beta of our first product: ClouSE – the Cloud Storage Engine.  At a high level, though, the problems that ClouSE is trying to address in Cloud Computing  are somewhat similar to the ones the Gregorian calendar has solved in date counting: to take into account little details of the relationship between the cloud provider and the cloud consumer and to close the gap between the cloud computing promise and cloud computing reality.

Let me clarify what I mean.  The other day I was going through a pile of old magazines looking for examples of publishing design for the whitepaper I was working on and ran across an ad slogan of a cloud provider that ended with the words “… We’re all in.”  What do you feel when you read that?  I got a feeling of entrapment.  We’re all in, period.  There is no choice.  There is no customer empowerment.  There is no recognition that each customer has their own unique situation and would like to keep things that work well and just fix things that work not so well.  Cloud or nothing.  The cloud-or-nothing problem is the “little detail” that creates a gap between the cloud computing reality and the cloud computing promise of no upfront commitment.  And until it’s solved I think cloud computing will remain the way of the future (as opposed to being the thing of the present).

I’m very excited to be a part of solving the cloud-or-nothing problem.  I founded OblakSoft to fulfill two professional passions of mine:

  1. Create software that empowers its users.
  2. Solve challenging technical problems.

Creating software that empowers its users is hard.  It requires crystal clear understanding of the problems, meticulous analysis of the solutions to make sure they don’t impose unnecessary restrictions and a careful choice of tradeoffs in the case when a solution physically cannot address all requirements.

And because creating software that empowers its users is hard I get to solve challenging technical problems along the way, so I sort of kill two birds with one stone :-).

I believe ClouSE is a good expression of my professional passions.  It gives the user a variety of choices of how they could use cloud computing without requiring them to commit to a specific choice.  It’s easy to transition between the choices (including the choice of moving the data from the cloud back on premise and out of ClouSE if you decide to), so the user gets to be in the driver seat rather than being entrapped “in”.

Happy Old New Year, everyone, and I encourage you to check out ClouSE – it may be the exact thing you need to find your way to the cloud!


Artem Livshits

OblakSoft Founder, CEO and Chief Technology Architect


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