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OblakSoft Cloud Storage Engine Newsletter, November 2012

MySQL and WordPress welcome Google Cloud Storage

OblakSoft is pleased to announce that the Cloud Storage Engine for MySQL (ClouSE) now supports Google Cloud Storage.  Using MySQL to store data directly in Google Cloud Storage becomes a simple deployment choice: pick your Google Cloud Storage bucket and migrate any or all of your tables to the cloud.  We would like to thank Google storage team for their support and contributions.

This functionality opens Google Cloud Storage to millions of MySQL-based applications – cloud storage becomes a better alternative to local storage, no matter where you host the application, on premise or in the cloud.  Applications can now store data on Google’s infrastructure, and enjoy high availability, high durability and high scalability of Google Cloud Storage.



ClouSE – database gateway for Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage

Plug cloud storage into MySQL-based applications seamlessly and securely.

WordPress on Cloud storage

No longer do you have to choose between using WordPress or raw cloud storage to host a website. Combine the best of both worlds with ClouSE engine and WP2Cloud WordPress plugin)!
We offer the easiest way to run dynamic websites directly on Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage. Check out Yapixx - a WordPress configured as a beautiful dynamic and scalable picture sharing site that runs on Amazon S3 or GCS. Use it as a starting point to launch your own WordPress site on top of supported cloud storage providers. Or build one from scratch using LAMPS3. (more…)

Cloud storage meets SQL

ClouSE is the best MySQL Storage Engine for cloud development. It can directly utilize cloud storage such as Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage to store relational and blob data. ClouSE provides fully functional, transactional and ACID-compliant relational data management on top of cloud storage. With ClouSE most MySQL-based applications (such as WordPress) wouldn’t require changing *any* code. (more…)

Solving data confidentiality

Amazon S3 provides storage for the data, but the cloud operator has no access to the customer’s data: ClouSE uses strong AES-256 encryption to provide full data confidentiality in the cloud. (more…)

Your way to the cloud, your way

ClouSE creates a continuity of working configurations. The variety of configurations enabled by ClouSE and its non-disruptive programming model provide a full spectrum of smooth and natural cloud computing adoption paths: the adoption can be both gradual and partial. This is true pay-for-what-you-use of the cloud adoption: the tradeoffs can be made to fit the company needs. (more…)

LAMPS3 – cloud-based version of LAMP

With ClouSE cloud storage can be “plugged into” the IT infrastructure in a seamless manner. The Webserver still runs on the LAMP stack, but all tables are stored in Amazon S3. . The Webserver is now fully protected by the cloud: should it fail, a new one can be provisioned and recovered from the cloud in the matter of minutes. (more…)


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